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WhatsApp is one of the most widely used instant messaging platform in the world. In recent years, WhatsApp has doubled down on its features to compete with other messaging platforms. Sending WhatsApp messages without saving the contact number can be convenient in various situations, such as for temporary communication or when you prefer not to clutter your contacts list. In this article, I will show you all the possible ways to message someone on WhatsApp without saving the person’s contact.

1. Using WhatsApp’s Click to Chat Feature

WhatsApp provides a great feature called Click to Chat. This feature allows all users to send WhatsApp messages to an unsaved number. There is no need to save someone’s contact before you can send the person a message.

  1. Format the URL:
    • Open a web browser and enter the following URL: phone number with the full phone number, including the country code, but without any + or – symbols).
    • For example, if the phone number is +233500073000, the URL will be
  2. Compose your message:
    • After you enter the URL, it will open a WhatsApp chat window with that number.
    • Type your message and hit send icon to send it directly.

2. Using Third-Party Apps (Direct Message Links)

Several third-party apps or websites facilitate sending WhatsApp messages without saving the number by generating a direct message link. These apps typically work similarly to the Click to Chat feature but provide a more user-friendly interface.

  • Examples include apps like DirectChat or online services like
  • Search for “send WhatsApp message without saving number” in your app store or online to find suitable options.

3. Using WhatsApp API Services

Some online services provide APIs that enable sending WhatsApp messages programmatically without saving the number. These services are often used by businesses for customer communication but can also be utilized by individuals.

  • Twilio and Nexmo are examples of platforms that offer APIs for WhatsApp messaging.
  • You would need some technical knowledge to integrate these APIs into your workflow.

4. Using WhatsApp Web

If you are already using WhatsApp Web on your computer, you can send messages without saving numbers by following these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp Web: Go to and scan the QR code with your phone.
  2. Use the Search Feature:
    • Click on the search bar at the top left corner.
    • Enter the phone number you want to message without saving.
  3. Initiate the Chat:
    • Once the number appears in the search results, click on it to start a chat.
    • Type your message and hit enter to send.

5. Using Text Messaging (SMS)

In some regions, WhatsApp offers an option to send a message to a number that isn’t in your contacts list directly via SMS.

  • Type the Number:
    • Open WhatsApp and go to the chat screen.
    • Type the number in the chat box starting with a plus (+) sign followed by the country code and the full phone number.
  • Send a Message:
    • Type your message and send it as you would with any other WhatsApp message.

Additional Tips:

  • Respect Privacy: Always ensure you have permission to message someone, even if you’re not saving their number.
  • Consider Security: Using third-party apps or services may involve sharing your contact details, so choose reputable options.

These methods provide flexibility when you need to communicate via WhatsApp without saving numbers permanently. Decide the method that best suits your needs and preferences for hassle-free messaging.


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