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watch Premier League Matches Live

Watching Premier League matches live on your phone can be an exciting experience. Premier League fans always wish to watch their favorite clubs live on their smartphones everywhere any day, but sadly, most football lovers struggle to enjoy the moment on their phones. In this article, I will share with you all the stable and free websites to watch Premier League matches live on your phone.

England Premier League has its own official app where you can watch live matches, highlights, and news updates. However, it is not available in any country, so not all the football lover have access to the official app. But Hey! No shaking! I got you covered.

  1. Score808
watch Premier League Matches
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Score088 is a comprehensive sports TV online platform that provides 100+ live schedules for football and basketball matches in over ten different languages. Score808 provides you with the most comprehensive and fastest live stream of football.

It is easy to use and user-friendly, it does not have a bunch of ads unlike other platforms. No subscription fee, it is totally free. One interesting thing about this platform is that it is available to everyone in this world.

You can use Score808 to watch all Soccer and Boxing Matches as well. It covers various leagues like Champions League, Europa League, conference league, English Premier League, Spain La Liga, Serie A, French League 1, German Bundesliga, Saudi Arabia Pro league and many more.

You can download Score808 app on Google Play Store for android users. iPhone users and desktop users can use the web to stream it live. Click here to enjoy!

2. Live Soccer TV

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Live Soccer TV is the favorite free football streaming platform for many football lovers. You can stream almost all the popular leagues on Live Soccer TV. They stream free soccer includes Champions League, Europa League, conference league, English Premier League, Spain La Liga, Serie A, French League 1, German Bundesliga, Turkey league and many more… While testing Live Soccer TV, we successfully streamed a live football match between Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago in good quality.

This website broadcasts official sports streams. This means that, while there are free soccer games to watch, you will not be breaking any laws by streaming football games on Live Soccer TV.

Unfortunately, due to distribution rights, Live Soccer TV’s material is not available to everyone. Geo-restrictions are used by the site to prevent users in specific countries from accessing certain games.

3. SportLemonTV

If you don’t like the complicated interfaces on certain free football streaming sites, SportLemonTV is an excellent choice. All live streams are featured on the site. This made it easy for us to locate the game we wanted to watch, click on it, and begin the stream. To view the football game schedule, go to the main menu and select the “Football” option.

While SportLemon is an exceptional streaming platform to watch live soccer matches, the service is inconsistent, and you may miss out on some of the action. This is why we recommend checking out the other free soccer websites on our list.


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