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We’ve all been there – sending a text with typos and realizing it just as it’s sent. Traditional SMS messaging didn’t offer a way to fix that, but newer messaging standards do, so I will say Yes! You can edit a Text Message after it has been sent on Android. RCS messaging, pushed by Google in recent years, allows for this handy feature. Google just announced an update to Google Messages that lets you edit an RCS message after sending it. It’s a feature many users have asked for, and it’s a great addition to Google’s RCS abilities.

While message editing currently works between two Android phones using RCS (specifically within Google Messages), you won’t be able to edit texts that were sent to an iPhone, or to an Android phone that doesn’t have RCS messaging turned on. That’s because in both cases, you’d be sending an SMS message, which doesn’t have any smart capabilities (that’s also the reason you show up to your iPhone-user friends as a green bubble). Apple confirmed RCS on iPhone is coming at some point this year, but has not specified any further details or announced a release date for that upgrade as of this writing.

Android users will undoubtedly be thrilled to now have the ability to correct embarrassing typos or add forgotten thoughts to their RCS messages, so here’s how to do so.

RCS Text Messages can be edited up to 15 minutes after sending

Edit a Text Message
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To edit a text message on Android, two conditions apply: Firstly, you need to employ RCS messaging within the Google Messages app. Secondly, the window for editing an RCS text spans only 15 minutes following its dispatch.

To edit a message that satisfies these requirements, follow these steps:

  1. Click and hold on the message you want to edit until it becomes highlighted.
  2. At the top of the screen, tap the edit button, which looks like an outline drawing of a pencil.
  3. The message will now be editable in the text field. Make any changes to it as you want, then click on send button. The message will now reflect your changes, and a small bit of text that says, “Edited,” will appear underneath it.

In addition, the feature ensures transparency by notifying all recipients that the message has been edited. This prevents its misuse for pranks while offering a useful tool to rectify embarrassing typos and errors, potentially saving you from playful roasting or embarrassment.

How to troubleshoot if you can’t edit sent messages on Android

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At present, Google is progressively rolling out the update to enable RCS message editing, with some users receiving the feature later than others. If you find yourself unable to edit your sent RCS messages following the provided instructions, there are steps you can take to troubleshoot. Firstly, check for updates to the Google Messages app in the Play Store. Additionally, ensure that Google Play Services and Google Play itself are up-to-date, including the latest Google Play System Update.

Moreover, it’s essential to confirm that RCS chats are enabled on your device, as these smart features won’t function without them. You can identify RCS messages by the presence of sent and delivered indicators—usually depicted as one or two checkmarks—and a small lock icon, signifying end-to-end encryption. These messages also typically appear in a more saturated color scheme. If your messages lack these indicators, here’s how to activate RCS messaging: [instructional steps follow]

  1. From the main page of Google Messages, click on your Google profile icon.
  2. Click on Messages settings.
  3. Tap RCS chats.
  4. If the toggle labeled, Turn on RCS chats, is grayed out, tap on it to toggle it on.

Turning on RCS chats may take a few minutes. Once it’s enabled, you’ll see your carrier and phone number under the toggle, along with green text that says “Connected.”


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